2024 Ford Excursion Might Actually Come Electrified

These days, everyone talks about fuel-efficient, environment-friendly vehicles but somehow, it looks like drivers are missing good-old large-displacement engines more and more. Among them, Ford Excursion takes a special place. It wasn’t in production for too long, but it left a big mark in automotive history, as one of the largest SUVs ever produced. 17 years after its discontinuation, some rumors speculate about a comeback, in the form of the 2024 Ford Excursion.

Although still just a rumor, we can already presume some of the key design characteristics of this comeback model. Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is its huge body and correlation with the F-250 pickup, but some sources also suggest a completely different approach. In such a scenario, the familiar nameplate would be used for a brand-new, all-electric full-size SUV.

2024 Ford Excursion EV
Source: Kolesa.Ru

2024 Ford Excursion Design

As you can see, there are two possibilities for the new 2024 Ford Excursion. One of them is to see a familiar design approach. In that case, the new generation wouldn’t change its character much and just like the original, it would be based on Ford’s Super Duty pickup series. More precisely, most of the parts would be shared with the F-250, which would once again serve as a basis for this SUV. This doesn’t refer just to mechanics. The aesthetics would be shared a lot as well, especially when it comes to the front-end design.

The second scenario suggests completely the opposite thing. In that case, the new 2024 Ford Excursion would come as an all-electric SUV. Of course, dimensions would also be impressive, but the new model would probably be based on the all-electric F-150 Lightning. The platform would be shared, as well as the powertrain, styling details, interior and many more.


No matter the design approach, the main quality of this SUV will be the same. We are talking about the vehicle’s gigantic size, which could easily reach 140 inches in wheelbase. That would ensure plenty of passenger room, where even the third row would be able to accommodate adults with ease. Of course, this cavernous cabin would also provide impressive numbers when it comes to the cargo area, even bigger than the Expedition.

2024 Ford Excursion Interior

As for the cabin design, no matter the powertrain and styling, things would essentially be the same. We would see a truckish dashboard design, which would be complemented by lots of advanced tech and convenience features. Of course, this would also include goodies like a massive 15-inch touchscreen, which would be offered as an option.

2024 Ford Excursion Drivetrain

As we’ve just mentioned, there are two possibilities in terms of powertrain. One of them is to see an all-electric SUV and in that case, most parts would be shared with the all-electric F-150. So, base models would come with a dual-motor setup in a combination with a 98-kWh battery, with a max output of 462 horsepower and 775 pound-feet of torque. A higher-performance version would come with a bigger 130-kWh battery, which would increase range and also bring higher max output, to 580 horsepower and 775 pound-feet of torque.

The other scenario suggests classic internal combustion engines. In that case, we would see familiar V8 engines, starting from the new 6.8-liter gasoline engine. The bigger 7.3-liter unit should be offered as well, while some sources even suggest a diesel version, equipped with the monstrous 6.7-liter Power Stroke engine that puts out 500 horsepower and 1.200 pound-feet of torque.

2024 Ford Excursion Lightning
Source: Kolesa.Ru

Fuel Economy and Range

In the case of an all-electric setup, presume that, with the base battery, the new SUV would be able to make around 220 miles on a single charge, while the bigger battery would ensure over 300 miles of range.

On the other hand, gas-powered Excursions would hardly be able to offer more than 15 miles per gallon combined.

2024 Ford Excursion Release Date and Price

For now, the 2024 Ford Excursion is just a rumor but those rumors suggest this model could come back already in the next year. When it comes to a more precise launch date and price, it’s still early for predictions.

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