2020 Suzuki Vitara Facelift, Release Date, Grand Vitara

The new 2020 Suzuki Vitara SUV will hit the roads once again. This time, Suzuki will introduce minor upgrades only. We can expect the same exterior design without a drastic facelift. From the inside, Vitara will get a couple of updates. However, most of the cabin will largely remain.

Suzuki will look to modernize its SUV with numerous technology updates. Under the hood, Vitara will keep the current engine lineup. Whatsoever, the current model already arrived with a new turbo engine. Besides the changes, the Grand Vitara model will be available as well.

2020 Suzuki Vitara front

2020 Suzuki Vitara Redesign

Here’s an interesting fact, Vitara model suffered only one redesign so far. Suzuki clearly doesn’t like to rush into drastic changes. The 2020 Suzuki Vitara won’t introduce any significant upgrades. Most of the changes are very minor and almost not visible. For the start, the front bumper is slightly revised.

Also, the hood will now feature a slightly different shape. On the other hand, wheels and LED headlights are intact. Besides the changes, Suzuki will keep the existing color palette. A beautiful choice of metallic paints is available once again. That includes colors such as Horizon Orange, Silky Silver, Cosmic Black Pearl, and Galactic Gray.

Suzuki Vitara interior

Interior Appearance

The same approach is continuing from the inside. The 2020 Suzuki Vitara won’t arrive with such a larger number of interior upgrades. The automaker will look to additionally modernize the cabin.

For that reason, most of the technology features will be updated. However, interior design and layout will remain. Suzuki will offer the same list of standard and optional features. On the other hand, new driver-assistance systems could be in the offer.

Engine Specs

New 2020 Suzuki Vitara will continue to ride on two BoosterJet engine options. A 1.0-liter that produces 111 horsepower and 120 lb-ft of torque remains standard. Vitara’s optional engine is a 1.4-liter that can generate 140 HP and 162 lb-ft of twist. Both BoosterJet units are offering a 6-speed automatic transmission.

The diesel engine is not available, unfortunately. On the other hand, some specific markets could get a Vitara Diesel model. This is still just speculation, whatsoever.

Suzuki Grand Vitara

2020 Suzuki Grand Vitara

Some rumors strongly suggested that Suzuki won’t offer a Grand Vitara model anymore. However, those rumors were clearly false. The 2020 Suzuki Grand Vitara will become available once again. Just like its smaller sibling, Grand Vitara also won’t introduce any major changes.

You can’t find many differences between the Vitara and Grand Vitara models. Except for the size of course. While Vitara classifies as a compact SUV, Grand Vitara is a mid-size SUV. However, some speculations are suggesting a diesel engine inside the 2020 Grand Vitara. A speculated 1.4-liter diesel engine could arrive. This engine comes with a dual-clutch transmission and it delivers a better fuel economy figures.

2020 Suzuki Vitara rear

Price and Release Date

The price of the all-new 2020 Suzuki Vitara won’t change. That means the compact SUV will cost around $22,000. Upper trim levels will surely cost above $30,000.

The new Grand Vitara model is priced at $25,000. Suzuki’s latest SUV will hit the markets this summer. Vitara and Grand Vitara will hit the American soil later this year.

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