2020 Ford Puma Dimensions, Changes

Blue Oval is introducing an all-new compact crossover 2020 Ford Puma. This model is based on the newest Ford Fiesta. Furthermore, both models are sharing the same platform. Thanks to that, the new model will be very maneuvered.

Also, the attractive look and the latest techs will be part of this SUV. We can expect 2020 Ford Puma to arrive at some point of the next year. And it will be only available in Europe for now. Also, the most exclusive news is that the Puma will deploy a hybrid drivetrain alongside the few engine options.

2020 Ford Puma exterior

2020 Ford Puma Exterior Look

The all-new 2020 Ford Puma is a small attractive SUV that will be very easy to maneuver, thanks to its dimensions. This crossover will ride on the same platform as the newest Ford Fiesta model. Furthermore, it will also share some design cues with Fiesta. Compered to the EcoSport model, the Puma is way better. We can for sure said that is the updated version of the EcoSport. The latest crossover looks more modern and sporty.

According to the latest report, the 2020 Ford Puma measures 165.3 inches long, that is around four inches longer if we compare it to the EcoSport model. The front end is recognized with the simular grille that is used on the previous models like Fiesta. Alongside that, the Puma will attract most of the buyer’s thanks to the shaped headlights that use LED bulbs. The rear end is also stylish with the bumper colored in the body paint.

2020 Ford Puma interior

Cabin Features

The interior of the new upcoming 2020 Ford Puma is still a mystery. From the latest report, the manufacturer will add many new materials and techs inside. There will be a virtual dashboard that is also seen on many latest SUVs these days. Also, the interior space will be generous and Puma will be able to accommodate five passengers in two rows. According to the officials, the buyers will get around 16.1 cubic feet of the cargo area. This number will be double if we fold-down the second row of seats.

Ford said that Puma will deliver great layouts and comfortable seats. Sure, we can expect Ford’s SUV to be offered with few different trim levels. When it arrives in early 2020, the Puma will initially be offered in Zetec, Titanium and ST-Line trims.

2020 Ford Puma side

2020 Ford Puma Under the Hood

According to the relevant source, the forthcoming 2020 Ford Puma will be powered with few engine options. The first engine that is the base one is Ford’s 1.0-litre, three-cylinder petrol engine, paired with a six-speed manual gearbox. This engine will deliver 123 HP unit.

The next one will use the same engine paired with an electric motor. The mild-hybrid will also come with a 48-volt battery. These combinations will provide 153 HP. The system harvests energy lost during braking, and stores it in the battery for use under acceleration. The next two engines will be petrol and diesel with the same output of 94 HP. Both will be available with a seven-speed dual-clutch system.

2020 Ford Puma rear

Release Date and Price

The latest 2020 Ford Puma will start its production in Craiova plant in Romania. However, the exact release date and price is not available at this moment. However, according to some rumors, this model may hit the markets later this year. Unfortunately, the new model will not be in the offer in North America, it will be only available for Europe.

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